You selected your new puppy. Good Job! What is next you might ask?  WELL…. set it’s time to introduce your new family member to his new home.

Remember, this is a completely new and unfamiliar place for your puppy, so take things slowly, especially on the first day.  Be gentle with your new puppy for the first month or so.

Let Your Dog Adjust


It will take time to adjust to his new home. He may feel insecure and frightened by a change, and he may be homesick for his mother or littermates. Show him his crate or bed, and where to find food and water. Be sure to take him around outside, as well, and show him where you’ll want him to do his business. Then let him explore his surroundings (under your supervision, of course).

Name Your Dog

What do you want to name your new Puppy?  That is the fun part of this journey. Check out some of the most popular dog names or unique dog names for ideas.

Make Introductions

Introduce your dog to your household slowly.  Take your time and let your puppy spend some time with the family members, neighbors, other pets and his new environment. Introducing him to a variety of people will also be a great start to puppy socialization.


Next Important Step:


Start the training process as soon as your puppy has been socialized to his new digs. Make sure to enforce your chosen training method consistently.

Enforce Rules

From the beginning, teach your dog what is and is not appropriate behavior. Consistency is the key to having a well-behaved pet. Be patient and give positive reinforcement with lots of love and attention.



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