We are all guilty of it. Despite our parents telling us not to feed the dog, we can’t help but give them a part of what we are having. How can we say no to those big puppy eyes? While some human foods are harmful to our dogs, some are actually very good for their health. Let’s check them out.

Peanut butter

It’s no surprise to find this treat on this list. Peanut butter is one of the top favorites for our pups. On top of that, it is very healthy for them. It is packed with protein, healthy fats and multivitamins. Just make sure that you serve them the unsalted and unsweetened variety. Artificial sweeteners and salt are bad for your dogs.




There’s a reason why Bugs Bunny is very healthy; those are carrots. They are rich in vitamin A, fiber, and beta-carotene. They’re good for your pup’s teeth, and they are low on calories. This makes them the perfect food for dogs who don’t get a lot of chance to exercise.


Don’t be turned off by the photo; he just can’t believe he gets to eat cheese. As long as your dog is not lactose intolerant, cheese is a great snack for them. It’s rich in calcium and protein, making it a very healthy snack that they will surely enjoy. It is easy to digest but remember to choose the low-fat varieties and feed them moderately.

Plain yogurt

Yogurt is filled with calcium, protein and digestive cultures that can significantly improve or maintain your dog’s digestive health. However, you should be careful to feed them plain yogurt only, without added flavoring and artificial sweeteners. Just like cheese, lactose intolerant dogs should stay away from this dairy product.

Bone broth

Bone broth is a superfood that is very cheap to make but fully packed with nutrients that your dog can greatly benefit from. This is very beneficial to senior dogs who might start to have problems regarding their bones and joints. Bone broth reinforces these areas to help your dog have stronger bones. It also helps with intestinal health.




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