Now that you have your new puppy at home, you might wonder what to do next, especially if you have not had a pet before.  Well here is some great information to help you with your new active pet.  These steps a necessary to ensure your puppy is happy and healthy in his new environment.  Remember he is still a baby and will act like one until you train him to your requirements.  So good luck and be a good pet parent.


1. Get your home ready for your new puppy.


Since your puppy is like a child, he will need to feel secure and safe in his new environment. Double check for poisons that your puppy might chew on, like house plants, outlets, etc.

2. Remember to make your first vet appointment.

Do some research in your local area for vet offices or ask other pet owners how they might go to.  Finding a good vet is key to pet health.  Be sure to have your new puppy checked out and get his vaccinations.

3. Show your new pet off to others.

Get your puppy assimilated to his environment outside of the home.  Take him to the park, maybe show him off at school, even introduce him to your neighbors.  The more you introduce your dog to new areas he will be much happier.


4. Be sure to walk your dog.


Depending on his activity level, walking is always a good practice.

5. Ok this isn’t fun but necessary, potty training.

As soon as you get your pet home, introduce him to the spot outside that you want him to do his business. Keep rewarding him and reminding him where to potty.  Don’t yell at him if he has accidents initially in your home, just reinforce with rewards where he should go.

6. You will learn more about your dog with time.

You will learn more about his character, moods, activity levels with time.  Both of you will adjust.

7. Teach your dog commands.

Now this is important.  To reduce or circumvent bad behavior you will need to teach your pet different commands.  It takes time so be patient.  AND…don’t yell or hit your pet while he is learning that doesn’t work for kids or dogs.

8. Train him.

Your dog will learn if you are consistent with his training.  If you have trouble yourself, try hiring a trainer.

9. Be consistent.

As you are training your dog with commands or obedience you must be strong and don’t falter if your dog cries or gives you babies eyes.  Be strong!

10. Enjoy your pet.

Have fun with your pet, they can be your best friend if you treat the right!



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