Dogs are sugar lovers too. If you are wondering if they can eat the same sweet flavored foods as you do, what is the best option for them? If you are thinking of giving them sweet but healthy snacks, you may already be thinking about tangerines. So will tangerine do? Will, your dog find the fruit tempting? Read on to know more about dogs and tangerines.

Can dogs eat tangerines?

Yes, they can. Your dog can eat tangerines safely. But again be mindful of their portion. If your dog is already eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, tangerines can be given as a treat. When you give dogs their treat, always remember they it should be guided with the 10% rule. These means the treatment should only be 10% of the total calories your dog needs daily.

Are tangerines and oranges the same?

Tangerines and oranges come from one fruit family. Both fruits have similar traits. Both are round, have a peel and sweet. Although tangerines are tarter, compared to the latter, they still contain a lot of sugar.


Tangerines: Is the natural sugar found in tangerines good for dogs?


Even if the source of sugar is from fruits, they can are still sugar and sugar are bad for dogs. Sugar means calories and if eaten excessively can be a potential cause of weight gain in most dogs. Another way to keep sugar in check is to limit dog treats. Just remember that your dog’s treat should only cover 10% of the total calories your dog should only have on a daily basis.

Can all dogs eat tangerines?

Overweight and diabetic dogs are not allowed to eat tangerines. The sugar found in tangerines will add more calories which are bad for dogs with the said medical conditions. It is ideal to look for a healthier dog treat option.

In addition, dogs with sensitive digestive systems may not fare well with having tangerines as their dog treat. The citric acid found in the said fruits is likely to cause diarrhea and vomiting. Slowly introduce tangerine to your dog’s diet and wait how your dog reacts to the fruit.

How about for clementines? Are they good for my dog?

Tangerine, clementine, mandarins, and oranges all came from the citrus family. They almost have the same nutritional value and can also be a good dog treat. However, be mindful of your pet’s nutritional needs. You can refer this to your veterinarian who will then assess your pet’s health condition and will advise you with what to do.

So it’s clear that dogs can eat fruits like tangerine and oranges. What other fruits can they eat safely?

If you are wondering what fruits are best for your dog, you should ask your veterinarian for advice. Remember you don’t want to ruin your dog’s diet by feeding them too much.

Doing a little research as well as asking questions should help you decide which fruit is the best dog treat for your furry pets. Give them the best because they deserve it.



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