So you did it.  Your new puppy is home, now what?

Puppies are like children, they need to feel safe and secure.  That means that you need to ensure his new home is just that.

typically a new puppy can come to a home from 8 to 10 weeks old.  They are little and like a sponge, they will be willing to learn if you take the time to build a strong bond with your pet.


Open up his world. Teach him social skills. Take your pet outside and introduce him to new sites, smells, parks, people.  You can now teach him new lease skills too.

You can never hesitate on potty training. As soon as you get your puppy home, introduce him to the area you want him to do his business.  Be consistent and watch him alot during the first 30 days so he won’t have accidents in the home.

 Try teaching him with commands and get him socialized as fast as you can.  The more you do this you won’t have issues with separation or anxiety.  Be patient this doesn’t happen overnight.  It take repetition, treats and reinforcing his good behavior.

Training can ensure good behavior and you will also need to teach him not to chew as it could be something bad for your pet.  Be on the alert especially outdoors.

Jumping is cute but not to others.  I know from experience it is hard at time to be the strong person and catch your dog every and I mean every time they jump that this is not the behavior you accept.

Enjoy each moment as he grows.  You will enjoy watching your pet grow and mature.



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