Dogs are naturally pack animals. When they belong in one, they work for their respective rank. As an owner, you have to clarify your leadership role especially when he needs to follow certain rules or regulations inside the house. Usually, an owner would feel okay with the dog roaming around the house but for example, a family member has allergies with fur generally, he can’t come into that specific area, this training is useful.

Being an alpha doesn’t necessarily mean that you take out the simple happiness of you’re a dog by being a bully or by being authoritative, but you display feats of leadership and an air of dominance. The general theory of being an alpha means that your dog has to work for something that he wants. Here are some of the steps an owner could do when starting out on an alpha training:

Control over feeding arrangements

For example, he has to wait until his family finishes eating first before he even gets to eats his meal. Also, he must wait until you give him the permission to eat when the bowl is already presented before him.


Control over toys


Dogs rely on toys to keep him busy and entertained. As the alpha, you have to exercise control over this aspect. For example, he has to obey your command “sit” and” “wait” first before you bring out his toys. When playtime is over, you have to let him see how you keep his toys. If a situation arises wherein he tries to stop you from getting your you have given him, immediately remove the toy away from him and keep it.

Control the leash when walking

Due to excitement, dogs have the tendency to pull the leash when walking. However, in the alpha training, you shouldn’t encourage this behavior. You have to stop him and teach him to walk beside you or behind you. When walking, you can also train him obedience commands. For example, you command him to “sit” whenever you stop at a corner. Until you release him from the command, he’s not allowed to walk yet.

Discourage jumping as a way of greeting

In a dog’s language, jumping over others is a sign of apparent dominance. When your dog jumps on you as a greeting which he does consistently, stop him from doing so.

Don’t allow him when he’s positioning himself above or equal you

When your dog sits beside you on the couch, you signify that he is of equal rank with you. Quickly command him to get off the couch and sit on the floor. Unless you invite him to do so.

Even when playing, don’t let him bite you

This behavior should be discouraged early on. Playing does not have to involve biting. When this happens, quickly disengage and ignore him for a few hours. This will teach him that his behavior was not desirable or appropriate. If he does not bite you, then you can keep on playing with him.



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