Shelters take in a lot of dogs every day. Some of them will find a home, while others will have to wait for a long time. Sadly, there are some dogs that may never be adopted.

When you think of this reality, it may break your heart. What will happen to the dogs left behind at the shelter? Where will they go? These may be the questions that will run through your head.

Some of the dogs at shelters are overlooked because of their breed and the impressions associated with it. For instance, pit bulls are less likely to be adopted because of their perceived aggression.


Thankfully, there are people like these three nuns: Sister Alicia Goldsmith, Sister Veronica Medez, and Sister Virginia Johnson. These three senior nuns decided to adopt Remy, a nine-year-old pit bull.

The nuns love Remy

Initially, the three nuns had a dog named Kate. Sadly, they lost their eight-year-old pooch to lymphoma. This situation made the three nuns decide to visit a shelter and get a dog that would brighten up their lives.

The three nuns had a particular goal in mind. They wanted to adopt a dog that was less likely to be adopted. During their search, they had encountered Remy; they knew that she was the dog that they would take home.

Taking care of Remy

All of the three nuns were more than 70 years old, and they felt that taking care of a senior dog would suit them. The shelter’s director was surprised when the three nuns decided to take the pit bull home — that the nuns were not afraid of their idea. A volunteer and a board member of the shelter even covered the adoption fees.

In her new home, Remy had a comfortable bed, a set of toys, and most importantly, three moms that will love her wholeheartedly.

Video Source: ZooLand via YouTube



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