It is normal for puppies to:


Chew on you

Chew on your children

Chew on the cat


Chew on furniture, your phone, your socks, your kids’ toys, garden hoses, shoes, and even electrical outlets – It’s how they explore the world.

Until they’ve learned what they can and can’t chew, however, it’s your responsibility to manage the situation as much as possible  If your puppy is teething, use a frozen washcloth for him to chew on to relieve his pain.

Understand your dog

Puppies explore their world by putting objects in their mouths. And, like babies, they teethe for about six months, which usually creates some discomfort.  This behavior needs immediate attention, so as your puppy grows into adulthood..these won’t happen.

Possible reasons for chewing even as an adult pet include:

  • They weren’t taught what to chew and what not to chew.
  • They’re bored.
  • They suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Their behavior is fear-related.
  • They want attention.

Teach what to chew

Keep items you don’t want them to chew, OUT OF SIGHT!  Don’t leave things laying around. Rather, give them some dog toys and reinforce when playing or chewing on these to educate your puppy on acceptable play items.

Next Steps:

Give your dog plenty of people-time.  

Spend quality time with your dog early and often.

Give your dog plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Love them and treat them well



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