For years, pit bulls are seen as nothing but scary beasts waiting to pounce on you. And while there are already hundreds of proof of their sweet and gentle nature on the internet, some pit bulls are still seen as more of a threat than a pet.

Simba is no exception. The majority of the people in their neighborhood in Sweden simply avoids the pooch at all costs. This includes the elderly woman living a floor below the pooch’s apartment.

Whenever Simba and his dad, Arjanit Mehana, go for a walk and meets the old lady outside, the pooch would always try to be exceptionally friendly to her. But despite Simba’s efforts to befriend her, she was having none of it.


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She refers to him like a bad dog, calling him mean and steering away from him every time out of fear. This immediately changed one fateful day.

Arjanit was walking Simba home from a walk that day. It was a regular, uneventful walk until the pair happened upon their elderly neighbor’s door. Simba instantly became frantic, dashing to the door and barking at it.

Arjanit tried to calm the pooch as it might disturb the old lady. But Simba was persistent and wouldn’t let his dad pull him by the leash. When the pooch wouldn’t move at all, Arjanit decided to approach the door and pick him up himself.

He got close enough to the door to hear a weak cry for help from the inside. Since the door was unlocked, he tried to investigate and immediately found the old lady lying on the floor. Apparently, she fell and broke her hips.

She had been there for two whole days, putting her life in danger. Arjanit was quick to call an ambulance. And while they were waiting with her, she couldn’t help but profusely thank the pit bull, which she then called a “nice doggie.”

Simba never held a grudge against her despite her cold treatment, generally trying to show that all pit bulls want is to be accepted and loved for who they are. Just look at how adorable this little savior is!

Posted by Angel Dickerson Wilkerson on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Courtesy of Angel Dickerson Wilkerson



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