The play is an important factor of you and your dog’s relationship. Playing is how your puppy learns basic manners. If puppies play too rough, they might hurt each other and the game will end sooner than expected. Playing is one way of boosting in socializing skills, aside from stimulating his mental and physical well-being. It also prevents aggression and behavioral problems in the future.

Pick a good time to play. Choose a time before meals. If children are joining in, they should be supervised by an adult as the game might get too rough and one of them might get hurt due to the excitement.

Get to know your puppy and try to learn what kinds of games he likes. Puppies are like humans. They all have different likes and dislikes. Do a game that he likes like “fetch” or “hide and seek”.


Playtime is a good way to train. You can add commands to your training sessions like “sit” or “stay”. You can even use a clicker to play and train at the same time. Shower him with lots of treats and praises.

Your puppy can get tired of playing and training too. Let him rest. When he’s tired, he becomes grumpy too. Stop before he gets tired to end the session with a good mood.

Playing seems like just a fun thing to do. But do note that you will still be using lots of commands in order for your dog to follow you and stick to the rules of the game. So it is training while playing. Another thing, playing is a form of socialization. There are games and rules and he abides by them while at the same time having fun.

Play tug-of-war with him using a tugger rope, not any toy or fabric. If your puppy is shy and anxious, letting him win in this game will boost his confidence.

Play hide and seek with him. Instruct him to sit and to stay. Start by showing him a treat then
hide. Upon hiding, call him to find you. He can enhance his searching skills and his sense of smell.

Let him learn how to play “fetch”. Toss a toy and let him get it back to you. Give him a treat every time he gives it back to you. This command will teach your puppy to give when u instruct him to and will keep him safe in the future. Always end the session on a positive note to maintain your authority. Do not throw a piece of stick as he might step on it and land into an accident.

After teaching him basic commands, teach him tricks too. A 5 to 10-minute session shall suffice for a “shake”. Show him how it is done. He will be mastering his focusing skills. At the same time, it is a good way for the two of you to bond. Start by asking him to give you a paw. Reward him with a treat. Then say the command “shake”.



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