After starting on my own, I now understand why many people don’t allow pets on their furniture. Some pet owners are alright with it, but for me, I would rather look for ways to make our furniture pet-friendly. I found ways to keep my furniture safe from all the fur and claw marks on it.

Teaching your pet a few rules about your furniture is also a good way to protect your stuff.
The following are some steps to keep your furniture safe while making your pets happy.

Use coverings on your furniture

Pet hair is not only messy to look at, but can also damage your furniture – not to mention the claw marks your pet leaves behind. You don’t need to worry about fashion or what’s in or out, because there are tons of modernly designed couch coverings including washable blankets, slipcovers or throws.


Covering my sofa with a blanket is a lot easier to do than vacuuming my couch every other day. There is a wide selection of colors and design for coverings and blankets.

Avoid wooden furniture

Don’t use wooden furniture if you don’t want to come home to chew-up furniture. Although not all dogs chew on furniture, it can be to some young pups. It may be tempting to reason out that you can train your pets not to chew, but it can be especially hard if you are doing it while you are away.

Use pet-friendly materials

Leather and microfiber are considered to be the most popular choices for pet-proofing furniture. The leather is surprisingly easy to clean while microfiber is durable. If you already have existing furniture, you can have the option to look for nice coverslips.

Regular grooming can help in reducing shedding

Regular grooming is known to reduce shedding. Bathing can also help. Buying a shedding tool may also be a good idea to start with. Vacuuming regularly can also cut down on stray hairs.

In addition, nail trimming is also another way to decrease furniture scratching. Filing can also help in keeping your pet’s nails trim and less sharp.

Loose pet hairs are something that you can’t just completely clean up.

That is why it is a good idea to coordinate the color of your furniture with your covers and pets. This will prevent any pet hair from standing out.

Clean Messy Paws.

Make towels handy. If you have a mudroom you can utilize it. Wiping your dog’s muddy paws can help prevent the rest of your home from getting dirty. Although you don’t need a fancy mudroom, you can take advantage of a washable rug.

Give your dog a nice comfy bed.

If your dog has his own bed, you can then replace his favorite spot on the couch, lessening hair and fur on your couch.

When it comes to dog beds, you can find a number of varieties that should be great for your dog. Although some of it can be expensive it is definitely worth it.

You can easily close doors on rooms you don’t want your dog to wander.

You don’t want your dog on your study? Then simply close it to prevent any access.



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