Adopting a dog is one of life’s greatest fulfillment. Being able to save him and stand as his family is one of the most wonderful gifts a dog could ever experience. However, naming him can be a small issue. After all, a name gives a dog his lifetime identity. Not to mention that his name will reflect a personality that will outshine him in ways imaginable.

There are a lot of doggy names a family could choose from, however, one that would suit and portray his unique identity can be a daunting selection. Keep in mind that when naming a puppy, it is a name that you’ll use to praise, scold and call him.

Here are some helpful tips in naming your dog:


One to two syllables


Ideally, a name that is not hard to pronounce or contains only up to two syllables is preferred. No owner or even a dog would respond to a name like Adriano, Alexander, Adriana or Alexandria. Although some of these names are human names, to begin with, the examples are actually quite bothersome to utter. Imagine a situation where you have to call your dog in a park with a 4-syllable word, it’s quite tiring.

Say it with ease and happiness

Naming a dog should entail the happy moment that you laid eyes on the puppy. GIve it a name that is both happy and easy to say. Think of names such as “Bobby” or “Cakey.” When you call out this name, make sure it’s not something you should be embarrassed about like, “Stinky.”

Avoid names that have the same sounds like your standard commands

Listen to the sounds of what your commands are. For example, commands such as “go”, have the same sound such as “Joe” and ”Bo.” Names like these can confuse or mislead a puppy especially during the training stages.

Shorten a desired long name

Some owners would prefer deciding on a long name because of its uniqueness. Think of names such as “Mellonia,” “Marygold,” or “Mr. Spotted Pants.” But, if you choose to have a long name for your puppy, consider having a short name or a nickname for a backup. For example, If you select “Mr. Spotted Pants” as a dog’s name, you can’t simply call out that name in public. So think of a shortcut in replacement for that name like “Spot” or “Spotty.”

Research or ask for inspirations and suggestion

The internet can provide a lot of help regarding this one. The people of the world wide web can contribute with naming a puppy. Especially that a lot of people has this profound love for puppies. Also, do not neglect family members’ suggestions. Kids, especially. Some of them might have a witty name in mind and you might regret not asking for it in the process.

Personality or attitude-based

Before naming a puppy, it might be best to observe a puppy’s behavior or attitude. Notice how your puppy reacts to darkness, how he reacts when petted, and even how he reacts when eating tasty treats. This fact alone can influence a dog’s name. With this knowledge, you can craft a name that is unique and reflective of your dog’s identity.



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