So you’ve got a dog with some irritating behavior problems. You need some help…well here are some tactics that will work for you….


Here are some ideas that will help:

  • Any behavior that gets rewarded is likely to be repeated.Make sure your dog only gets rewarded for the behavior you want.
  • A “reward” (reinforcement, technically speaking) is anything the dog wants or needs at that moment.Liver treats. Going for a walk. Your attention.
  • Prevent unwanted behavior from getting reinforced.Just reward for good behavior!
  • Train a new, good behavior to replace the one you’re trying to get rid of.
  • Reinforce the behavior you want….not what he wants!
  • Many behavior problems are caused by the dog being bored out of her mind.
  • Make a list of each behavior, ask yourself what reward he’s getting out of it, then make sure that behavior no longer gets that reward.
  • Consider each bad habit and ask yourself: do I actually care? Pick your battles wisely. Not every behavior problem needs to be fixed.
  • Make sure your whole household is on the same page as far as rules and cues go.
  • Does your dog play too rough with your kids? Teach them to be more gentle.
  • Weaken bad habits by disrupting the daily routines that trigger them.
  • Desensitize him to the leash. For 30 minutes every day this week, let him wear it around the house without going out.
  • Use a bitter-tasting deterrent spray to keep him from chewing up stuff he shouldn’t.
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper in areas of the yard you don’t want her digging.
  • Get a crate and spend a day teaching your dog to use it.
  • If he urine marks inside the house, try feeding him in his usual pee spots (after you clean the area).


Wear your dog out with exercise and mental stimulation

  1. Take your dog for daily walks to burn that energy.
  2. IF he is high energy, let him run for an hour or so in an area that is safe.
  3. Teach him to fetch, this can be used anytime to exercise him.
  4. Try different toys or hide and seek which teaches them to use the nose to find things.
  5. Teach special tricks – again this is a great exercise
  6. Bond with your dog by getting a kiddy pool he can and you can play in.
  7. Use several cups and put a treat under one and let him find the treat.


Help your dog chill out

  1. For five minutes every day, have him lie on the mat while you calmly but generously reinforce him with treats and praise.
  2. Practice Separation.
  3. Use a click to praise them for lying down or being in a calm state.




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