This is such a heart-warming story, you just have to read it.

Madison owns a Corgi, named Cora.  This unique Corgi has been trained as a “therapy dog” and is always right next to Madison wherever she goes, even on the airplane.

Well as we all know, we have seen stories on the news about those crazy “therapy” pets that owners try to get onto airplanes, you have heard I am sure…..parrots, mini pigs, BIG dogs, even peacocks…REALLY.

Well this Corgi is very in tune to her owner, Madison, a 23 year old traveler.  One day the two were on a trip home to Idaho after a visit to Madison’s mother.

As most airlines, there was a layover in Seattle.  Cora, her Corgi, happened to see a gentleman sitting alone there in the airport.  Well to Madison’s surprise, Cora was off and running right over to the man sitting there.

Madison ran over to her Corgi and the man, asking if it Cora was bothering him.  The man started crying and told Madison he had just lost his dog the night before, so he was very sad.

The man was so affectionate to Cora, Madison’t Corgi, he scratched her ears, pet her for quite a few minutes and was so gentle and caring with her.

This is a perfect example of how pet’s can tune into our feeling and emotions. Cora is so intune to people and their feelings that it was just a natural thing to go over and comfort this man, grieving for his lost pet and love.

Madison got Cora as a puppy.  When she first saw her she was a mess, but after a trip to her vet, she got Cora in good shape. She noticed right away how loving and sweet Cora was.

Cora wants to be next to Madison all the time.  Well Madison works so that was not possible but it was troubling Madison, since they lived in a place with no yard for Cora to play in when she was working.  Well they ended up finding a new living space with the yard Cora wanted.

Madison took Cora to the American Kennel Club to be trained as a therapy dog. Cora helps her owner with her own issues, Madison has issues with anxiety and Cora is always there to help her stay calm.

It takes special pets to give to others like this, helping them through hard physical and emotional times and this Corgi is the BEST at it.

Dogs can provide valuable aid to older adults as well.  This was just one example of a pet who seems to have some intuitive sense when others are in pain. Some research has been done on what impact animals have on our psych.

Dogs, for example, can help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and even improve overall depressive states in humans.

As many who own pets realize, that they give us unconditional love and actually empathy as well.  WHY?  Well pet’s don’t judge us or give us advice, yell at us or criticize us. Pets are just there to show us emotion, give us that unconditional love and there to improve our physical well-being.  Isn’t that why we have pets I ask you?

For me, from personal experience, I was raised with animals and just can’t imagine my life without my precious dogs.  I have one, Jasmine, who has been with me for 11 years now, when I get upset or cry, she comes and sits on my lap.  She will lick my tears away which helps me to settle down and feel like someone in the world cares about me.  I love her and show her affection as much as she does the same.  She knows I would never hurt her and she seems to be so intune to my being that it surprises me from time to time when she does that.

Pets can be a great companion for everyone, especially the very ill or have other major emotional issues.

Love those pets!



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