Dogs are curious creatures, and they like getting themselves involved in the activities of their owners. They want to explore and play with the things owned by their humans. And when they get hold of these items, they may get confused at times; some may even be amazed by how these things actually work.

This is something that a golden retriever named Tucker experienced when he found a black plastic hair clip. Courtney Budzyn, Tucker’s owner, shared via Instagram a short clip of her dog hilariously interacting with the hair clip.

People online were delighted with Tucker’s funny reactions, and the video already had more than 400,000 likes.


Tucker and the hair clip


In the cute clip, the one-year-old pup was just in bed together with his owner. Courtney opened and closed the hair clip, and Tucker was surprised by how it worked.

Tucker’s reactions were coupled with text supers, such as “Yikes” and “Must Destroy.” Tucker’s response ranged from intrigued to afraid. At times, hints of confusion and defensiveness could be seen on his face.

The video was captioned with a dog-speak commentary, saying that “loobsters” were not definitely food. Besides Instagram, the video was also uploaded to YouTube.

Everyone adores Tucker

The short video clip of Tucker and the hair clip obviously made people smile. Other than having more than 400,000 likes, the video also had more than 1.7 million views. More than 10,000 people even commented on the video.

People’s comments were happy and positive. One fan flattered the dog by saying that the video cured his depression. Another follower said that he loved the language Tucker was speaking. While one fan expressed his love and gratitude for Tucker, as the dog always made his day.

The golden retriever was a social media celebrity, and he had an account on YouTube and Instagram where his adventures were documented.

Video Source: Tucker Budzyn via YouTube



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