Hiking with your dog is a fun and soothing activity that offers a lot of benefits. Both of you get to exercise for your health, you feel relaxed and relieve stress, and more importantly, you get to bond and spend time with each other. Man and dog in nature, nothing could be more perfect.

For Kyle Rohrig and his dog Katana, hiking trails are the things that they love to do the most. They’ve done long-distance hiking together. One of the first is going to a 2,200-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail in 2014. They soon went on the Pacific Crest Trail but couldn’t finish the 2,650-mile trek as glaucoma was setting in on Katana’s left eye.

She needed to have immediate surgery. But it was too late. Within 36 hours, Katana’s vision was gone.


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Getting back on the trail

Losing his eyesight, katana, an 8-year old Shina Ibu was a changed dog, and it broke Kyle’s heart to see him like that. He wanted to bring back the vigor in his dog’s life, so he started to plan for their next trip. A super long hike in the Florida wilderness that would take 83 days.

To prepare for their hike, they had to develop a system for communication. They trained and practiced; Kyle taught Katana to listen to instructions. After two months, when he felt that Katana was ready, they set out on their adventure.

Their 1,100-mile trek started at the Florida Everglades stretching out to the panhandle. Although Kyle would end up carrying Katana for most of the distance, around 800 miles, Katana would do some hiking on his own each day. He would walk 1 mile each day before Kyle would take him in his arms and back again.

They crossed streams, the woods, and roads. They faced various challenges, but it was all worth it. Katana was in her element, and her demeanor came back. He was alive again.

Guy Carries His Dog 800 Miles After She Loses Her Sight

This guy carried his dog 800 miles to help her love hiking again 💚

Posted by Soulmates on Friday, May 24, 2019

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