Living in the shelter can be harsh for most dogs, making them pretty timid and horrified of the world. That was why when Jen Anderson adopted Lady, it came as a surprise that the pit bull was nothing of the sorts at all.

Lady was born in the shelter, several days after her mom was rescued off the streets. Unlike the other residents in the shelter, Lady immediately found her forever family at an early age of nine weeks. Jen and her fiancé were quick to fall in love with the sweet pooch.

Jen even shared that Lady was the type to be very possessive and clingy. If she is not sitting next to either of her parents, then expect that she is already on their laps, showering them with sloppy kisses. The pit bull was clearly one of the most affectionate and sweetest dogs they have ever met.


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In return, Jen and her fiancé never fail to spoil Lady, along with her other dog siblings. And they show their love for the dogs in the cutest and most heart-melting way.

Recently, Jen witnessed one of these touching moments. She was preparing to go out with her partner for a shopping escapade when she happens to hear a romantic melody playing in the halls. When she went to investigate, she found out it was coming from the room where her fiancé was with their dogs.

Suddenly, her fiancé began singing with the tune, as if doing a serenade. When she got close enough, she realized he was singing to Lady! She was so touched with the scene that she secretly recorded the moment to capture its purity.

Her fiancé was very into the song, and it was clear that Lady was enjoying the serenade, as well! At one point, she even gave her dad some sloppy kisses to tell him how much she loves him. Watch the heartwarming scene here.

Posted by Jen Anderson on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Courtesy of Jen Anderson



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