Growing up, we had always been impressed with clowns and their fascinating magic tricks. Whether they’re at a birthday party or on the streets, they never fail to make us go wow and leave us in awe. Apparently, magic tricks amaze not only kids but also dogs!

Louie is among the pups hooked by these magical deceptions. The adorable pooch lives with his mom, Ashley Parenteau, and his dad, Zack. While most dogs are naturally silly, Louie is exceptionally playful and humourous.

Aside from cuddling with his parents, Louie enjoys goofing around and stealing things from the house. It was his way of tricking his parents. However, just recently, Ashley and Zack decided to give the canine a taste of his own medicine.


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They were out hunting for sales and deals when they happen upon an inexpensive magic set. It was a good steal for $2.50, so they bought it for fun.

At first, they didn’t intend to use the magic trick on Louie. But when they came home and tried out the set, the curious pup was immediately in the room to check out the commotion. Thinking that Louie was as good an audience as any, Zack faced the dog and went on to perform his recently learned trick.

It was the classic “disappearing handkerchief” trick, which is basically taking out a red cloth and inserting it in your closed fist until it magically disappears. Ashley decided to whip out her camera so she could record the pup’s reaction. Louie patiently sat in front of Zack as he casually waves the cloth for him to see.

He then began inserting the handkerchief in his fist, all while the pup watched intently. The moment Zack revealed his empty hands, Louie’s eyes turned big and round. He peeked over at his mom with his wide eyes, as if confirming if what he saw was real.

Louie was obviously bemused at the disappearance of the cloth. He rushed to his dad and tried to find the magical handkerchief. But when it was nowhere to be found, the pooch ultimately gave up and went to cuddle with Zack instead. Watch his hilarious reaction here.

It’s been one year since Louie lost his mind over our $2.50 magic kit 😂

Posted by Ashley Parenteau on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Courtesy of Ashley Parenteau



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