Dogs are known to have simple joys in life. Occasionally, you will see them happily enjoying their chew toys. Some days, they are joyfully running after your other pets. And you may even find them chasing their tail, which is amusing.

But there are some dogs who seem to have highbrow hobbies. Some join their humans on holidays abroad, while others are big fans of musicals. Yes, musicals.

Just take a look at this group of service dogs watching a theatrical production of Billy Elliot. You could see them sitting in their seats as they enjoyed the songs and the scenes of the beloved ballet musical.


Not just there for relaxation


The picture of the dogs watching Billy Elliot at the Stratford Festival went viral, as people found it really cute and hilarious. And the dogs seemed to be really into it.

However, these service dogs were not there to entertain themselves. They were actually at the theater for training.

They were practicing the proper ways of assisting their owners who might need help going through the aisles and tight sections of the theater. Their behavior as they patiently waited in their seats only proved how disciplined they were.

The head trainer said that the dogs were supposed to be exposed to different factors, such as loud noises and lights, to teach them how to remain calm. Calm dogs are more reliable when it comes to assisting people.

A musical fit for dogs

The head trainer further said that the dogs stayed relaxed throughout the play. And this behavior could be attributed to the fact that Billy Elliot was considered a calm musical. The lighting was usually soft, and the sounds were actually much gentler.

These qualities all make Billy Elliot ideal for parents that have kids with them, people who have autism, and even dogs.

Video Source: Sky News Australia via YouTube



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