It’s normal for dog owners to one day find that their dog chewed something in their home. It might be their shoe, their furniture, or any knick-knack that is lying around. As dogs don’t have hands, they use their mouth for holding things and for investigating what they are. Many experts say that most dogs chew out of boredom. But for Mortimer, his chewing is the least of their problems.

Mort’s “eating disorder” was first noticed by his mom, Emily Shanahan, when the dog had frequent vomiting and refused to eat. At first, Mortimer’s vet thought that he probably had acid reflux. But when his symptoms didn’t go away even after taking several medications, they had to investigate further.

Emily insisted on more tests to be done, so they did an x-ray. To their shock, they discovered that Mortimer’s stomach was filled with foreign bodies. Well, 19 baby pacifiers, to be exact!


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What goes in must come out

Fearing that the stuck foreign objects may cause blockage on the digestive tract or worse a rupture, doctors recommended surgery for Mort. And they did. Dr. Doug Brum performed the extraction on the dog using an endoscope, carefully removing each pacifier one by one.

Dr. Brum said that it was lucky that Mort’s mom was insistent on seeking medical care. Digestive tract blockage, when left alone, can be fatal. Luckily, they were able to remove the pacifiers in time.

Experts advise dog owners to be aware at all times if their dogs are ingesting non-food items. Also, pay close attention if your dog is displaying any worrying symptoms. Most dog owners don’t know that their dog is eating something harmful to them. Emily never even noticed that their pacifiers were missing. Mort’s vet thinks that the dog was eating the pacifiers one by one for two months until his stomach was filled.

Source BRProud News – NBC Local 33 / Fox44 via Youtube



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