Boo, the cute Pomeranian dog loved by millions of fans, died in her sleep some weeks ago. Her fans shared their sadness through various posts on the internet.

Boo’s owners (who called themselves “Boo’s humans”) posted on Twitter that she had been suffering from a heart ailment after her best friend, Buddy, passed away in 2017. Since then, Boo had been feeling sad until she developed the heart issue.

Both Pomeranians, Boo and Buddy, were always together. Although Boo was the more famous among the two, Boo always shared the limelight with his best friend. They went to places and posed for pictures together.


According to Boo’s humans, she was a cheerful dog who never gave them any problems. They never even had to bring her to a trainer. Her cuteness made lots of people happy and brought laughter to so many who subscribed to her social media accounts. On Facebook, she had 16 million followers and more than half a million on Instagram.

She rose to fame in 2009, and she was then dubbed as the “World’s Cutest Dog.” She also reveled in the attention she got wherever she goes. Later, her owners published a book about her entitled “Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog.”

Her passing was deeply felt not only by her owners but also her fans around the world. There were many tributes addressed to her on social media. All expressed their sadness and how they will miss her. One fan even said that she found Boo’s picture from a page of a magazine in the wallet of her grandmother.

But Boo’s owners posted that they find comfort in knowing that Boo will be joining his best friend, Buddy, who will be waiting for him at the “other end of the rainbow bridge.” Somehow, they are also thankful that Boo is now free of the pains and discomforts of his heart ailment.

They adopted Boo in 2006, and he was 12 years old when he passed away.

Watch the video below.

Source:  Top Animal Stories via Youtube



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