On a regular day, two friends decided to take their motorbikes out for a spin. What they did not anticipate is seeing a lost puppy in the midst of nowhere.

Call for rescue

As the bikers went on with their day, having fun with dirt bikes on hand and breeze in the air, something wagging its tail caught their eye. They were surprised to see a puppy that would refuse to go near them.

The puppy seemed so scared as the bikers tried to approach him. The dog appears like he hadn’t eaten for days.


Luckily, there was a collar on him with his owner’s number. The dog’s family did not pick up and left them waiting.

The collar also read that his name is Max. Regardless of it being their last water bottle, they still decided to give it to the thirsty dog.

They knew they couldn’t put the dog on their motorbikes, so they opted to get a truck. It would only be forty-five minutes until the sky would get dark, so they had to hurry.

When they got the truck, the owner calls him back with relief in his voice. They searched for Max, where they left him. He looked so excited to get to the truck and out of the cold.

As they got closer to Max’s family, the dog could sense them. He was wagging his tail repeatedly and looked so thrilled to see them again finally.

The family thanked the bikers for what they have done. The reunion made them all teary-eyed, yet the gratitude towards the act was evident.

The bikers felt emotional after everything that transpired. It was truly an honor to save such a loving dog and have the opportunity to help and bring him home to his family.

Watch the heart-warming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube



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